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altWe're Barb and Tom Theisen. We have two grown daughters, Kate and Kenna. We're proud members of the Havana Silk Dog Association of America. Barb is editor of the Silk Road, the full-color magazine of the HSDAA. Barb is a former Colorado board certified Veterinary Technologist.

We call ourselves Kailani Silks. The word Kailani means "the sea and the sky" in Hawaiian. This is the perfect combination of our lives. We live part of the year on our sailboat home, Out of Bounds, cruising the Caribbean. We spend our summers and falls in Angel Fire, NM, up in the mountains at an elevation of 8,400 feet. We love both our ocean home and our mountain home, where we almost feel we can touch the sky. Our dogs travel everywhere with us. They're the perfect size for life on a sailboat, yet enjoy hiking for miles in the mountains with us. Because they can fit under an airline seat, they can accompany us in-cabin when we fly. Like most Havana Silk Dogs, Kai and Lani love to travel by car as well. Life is an adventure!

altJust as we've introduced our beautiful Havana Silk Dogs to some new adventures, they've introduced us to some new things. We love doing agility with Kai and Lani. They are so quick to learn and we've discovered that agility provides a wonderful bonding experience between us and our Silks. We'also found out that we greatly enjoy showing our Silks. The Havana Silk Dog Association has a unique and enjoyable show format. Judges take as much time as they need to carefully go over each dog individually, along with watching them together with the other dogs in their class. Judges fill out a form giving each owner feedback on their dog's conformation. Each dog is judged on its own merits. Click here to find out what a judge looks at...

Another thing that makes the Havana Silk Dog shows unique is that companion Silks (those that are spayed or neutered) can compete in the Companion Class at all Havana Silk Dog shows. The reason that breeders breed is to produce the best possible pet for you. The Companion Class lets these pet owners show off their beautiful Silks!

OK. So we've gotten a lot of questions about where the photo at the top of the page was taken. Is it snow? Is it at a tropical beach? The photo shows Kai at about 6 months of age at gorgeous White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.


Praise for
Kailani Silk Puppies 

Desi is a fantastic little guy.  We thought no dog would live up to our border collie Jesse (he died 3 years ago), but now we are beginning to wonder.  It is amazing how smart he is and how he adapts to everything we do.  And of course it is a pleasure just to watch him play and hang out.  We thank you and your family everyday for your excellent care in the critical first weeks, and of course Kai and Lani for having such good genes!  Jerry says Desi should be a show dog because he gets so much attention with his unusual coloring and happy personality.

Hope you are having fun in the Caribbean.
Diane and Jerry

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Ch Caribbean Dreambeat
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