Puppies Planned for 2018!
Kali x Hopi puppies due around April 15
Sadie puppies due ??

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Looking for a smart, sweet and playful little dog?
One that’s kid-friendly and hypoallergenic?

Look no further.
There’s a Havana Silk Dog waiting for you.

Welcome to Kailani Silks (we're located in northern New Mexico and Key Largo, FL), where our dogs are a joyful addition to our family. We are proud to be full (voting) members of the Havana Silk Dog Association of America (HSDAA, www.havanasilkdog.com ) and our Silk dogs come from a line of healthy, certified Havana Silk Dogs.

Kai and Lani on the beachKailani Havana Silk Dogs conform to the HSDAA Standard. All of our dogs are Certified Havana Silk Dogs, which mean that their offspring are eligible for registration as Havana Silk Dogs by the HSDAA. The Havana Silk Dog is a recognized rare breed.

What is a Havana Silk Dog? This delightful dog is a re-creation of the original dog of Cuba. The Silks, as they're called, are known for their beautiful silky coats, happy disposition, athletic ability (they excel in agility) and good health. They're smart, sweet and playful. And all of this is wrapped up in a small dog with a big dog attitude. Although small, they are not fragile dogs. They are best described as elegant with a lively gait. They are sure to charm you. Havana Silk Dogs do not shed and are "hypoallergenic."


Silk-Road-coverHavana Silk Dogs are small dogs (about 9 to 11 inches and weighing about 9 to 13 pounds). Their small size means that they travel well (they can even fly in-cabin, as they fit under an airline seat). They may be small, but they have the heart and soul of a big dog. These are sturdy little dogs who love to play. They enjoy walking, swimming, agility, hiking, kayaking, road trips, sailing and more. If you love doing it, they probably love doing it with you. And when you’re ready to call it a day, your Silk makes the perfect lap dog!


Havana Silk Dogs are lively, playful, curious and intelligent. Outgoing and self-confident, they make excellent companions and are especially suited for active families or retirees. Silk Dogs make fantastic therapy dogs as well.


Pure silk! The Havana Silk Dog has long, silky hair that you really have to touch to appreciate. It’s soft with light wispy waves at the ends of each strand. But don’t let this long, gorgeous hair fool you. The coat of the Havana Silk Dog is easily managed and truly wash and wear.

Since the Havana Silk Dog was originally from Cuba, they tolerate the heat quite well. In fact, their long silky hair protects them from the sun. If you prefer, you can keep your Silk in a cute puppy cut. Havana Silk Dogs come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are hypoallergenic and do not shed.

DSC 0050Health

The Havana Silk Dog is an exceptionally healthy breed, on average living well into the teen years. There may be nothing more important to us as pet owners as having a healthy dog who will live a long life!

What makes the Havana Silk Dog so healthy? Well, to start with, passing the CHIC health tests is a requirement for certification of breeding dogs (unlike most breeds, where it is simply a recommendation). To read more, go here:


golfWhat does it mean to be a "Certified" Havana Silk Dog? The only dogs eligible for registration with the Havana Silk Dog Association of America are the offspring of dogs with HSDAA "Certified" registration status. Prior to being granted full (Certified) registration with breeding rights, all intact animals have been screened and certified:

  1. to display both sound structure and acceptable breed type
  2. to be free of hip dysplasia, congenital deafness, heritable eye disease, overt chondrodysplasia, and patellar luxation at the time of registration
  3. to be, by DNA profile, the actual progeny of the parents listed in the stud book

To the best of our knowledge, this is the only such canine registry in the world.

The HSDAA Registry is totally unique in the world of purebred dogs. It maintains the highest standards for quality, health and integrity of any registry in the world, and the HSDAA is justifiably proud of it.

All of our dogs have passed all of the health requirements and have received their CHIC numbers and are Certified Havana Silk Dogs. Go to OFFA to see our dogs' health test results:

Kai      Lani       Kali      Sadie 


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Praise for
Kailani Silk Puppies 

Desi is a fantastic little guy.  We thought no dog would live up to our border collie Jesse (he died 3 years ago), but now we are beginning to wonder.  It is amazing how smart he is and how he adapts to everything we do.  And of course it is a pleasure just to watch him play and hang out.  We thank you and your family everyday for your excellent care in the critical first weeks, and of course Kai and Lani for having such good genes!  Jerry says Desi should be a show dog because he gets so much attention with his unusual coloring and happy personality.

Hope you are having fun in the Caribbean.
Diane and Jerry

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