Puppies Planned for 2018
Puppies due Oct. 31!
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Kailani Silks

We’re a small family breeder of Havana Silk Dogs. Kai, Lani, Kali and Sadie are first and foremost our much-loved pets. They’re part of our family! Our goal is to breed healthy, happy Havana Silk Dog puppies with great temperaments—puppies who will become your adored family pet and live a long and joyful life.

KadyNewbornsKailani Silk puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and affection. Because both Tom and I work from home, we are always here for our dogs and the puppies. They are truly homegrown.

Careful care and socialization are of utmost importance in the 9-10 weeks that the puppies live with us. We want to do everything possible to get these beautiful dogs off to a great start in life.


Enjoy these family puppy photos. Can you smell that puppy breath?

Lani Aunt_Frolic

There are no backyard Havana Silk Dog breeders, no Internet specials. You won’t find any Havana Silk Dog puppy mills. All Havana Silk Dog breeders have breeding dogs that are registered as Certified Havana Silk Dogs with the HSDAA. Only puppies from Certified HSD can be registered as Havana Silk Dogs. We all sell our puppies for about the same price (generally $2,000 for companion puppies that are going to pet homes and $2,500 for those puppies going to show homes).

If you see a Havanese breeder calling their puppies Havana Silk Dogs, don’t believe them. The Havanese and the Havana Silk Dog are two separate breeds. The Havanese is an AKC breed (remember that the AKC requires NO health testing - this is taken from the AKC website: "AKC registration does not indicate the health, quality or value of a dog. AKC registration simply identifies the dog as offspring of a known registered sire and dam.") The Havana Silk Dog is a recognized rare breed.

There are approximately 1,000 Havana Silk Dogs and a very limited number of breeders.

If you’re interested in a Kailani Silk puppy, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll send you a puppy application.

If we accept your application, you may reserve a puppy from a future litter, with a $500 (refundable) deposit. The remaining balance is due before you pick up your puppy. If you wish, you can tell us what sex, personality type and color you prefer.

Going Home

We’d love for you to come pick up your new puppy. Our Sept. 2014 litter was born in Angel Fire, NM, although some litters are born in Key Largo, FL.

Key Largo is located in the beautiful Florida Keys, just an hour south of Miami.

Angel Fire is located in the mountains of northern New Mexico just 24 miles east of Taos. We’re about 2 hours northeast of Santa Fe. Angel Fire is a ski, golf and mountain biking community.

We can also meet you at the Miami or Fort Lauderdale airport (for the Key Largo litters) or the Albuquerque International Airport (for an Angel Fire litter) if your new Kailani puppy will be flying in-cabin with you.

You can arrange for us to personally deliver your puppy, but we will not ship them.

We want to be more than your dog’s breeder. We will be there to support you throughout the life of you Silk Dog.

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