GCH Caribbean Dreambeat of Kailani

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Grand Champion Caribbean Dreambeat of Kailani (Kai) was born March 22, 2009 in Virginia. He comes from the  Jimka, Starborn, Bonneterre and Bydand lines of Havana Silk Dogs and was bred by Joan and Greg Conover. If I had to use only one word to describe Kai, it would be sweet. He is also lovable and funny. He's a thinker - he loves to take his time and think things through. Kai is extremely intelligent. He's discovered what makes me laugh and whenever he feels that I need to lighten up a little, he'll surprise me with a little trick that puts a smile on my face (or more often, gives me a good laugh out loud!).

Kai, which means Sea in Hawaiian, excels in agility! You can go to the HSDAA's home page and scroll down to AGILITY to see a photo of Kai enjoying agility. www.havanasilkdog.com/home.html - center photo.


The first thing most people notice about Kai is his gorgeous, silky, cream-colored (nearly white) coat. Kai also has absolutely no tear staining. This is a huge plus for a light colored dog and we consider ourselves quite lucky. When I asked Bobbi Lowry of Bonneterre Silks, who owns Kai's father, Jimka Drummusic of Bonneterre (Tom Tom), who is also a cream colored Silk about this, she said that it was genetics. None of her dogs had tear staining. As I looked into this further, I discovered that yes indeed, it is genetics. It appears to be a trait that he is handing down to his offspring.

CaribDreamIn addition to being great agility dogs, Havana Silk Dogs often work as therapy dogs. Kai has one brother who is a certified service dog and another brother who works as a therapy dog. Of course they really excel at making great pets!

Kai scored an excellent on his provisional (under two years of age) HSDAA conformation evaluation. He also scored an excellent on his certified conformation evaluation!

He earned his Certified Junior Championship on Oct. 29, 2010 at the HSDAA National Specialty. Also at the 2010 National Specialty, Kai won first place in his class (beating the 2009 National Specialty Best of Breed winner). He went on to earn an Award of Merit in the Winners Class at the National Specialty!

Kai earned his Certified Championship at the Havana Daydreamin' Show in Orlando, Florida in February 2011. The HSDAA recognizes both junior champions and certified champions.

Kai earned his Grand Championship at the Chicago show in May 2015. We are so proud of him! He also earned his Rally Novice Title at the 2015 National Specialty Show and has earned two titles in agility. He is the first Havana Silk Dog to earn a title in agility!

Kai received the results of his OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals; www.offa.org) hip results (June 2011). He recieved a GOOD!

He has passed all of the health requirements for his CHIC number.
Go to http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1378281#animal to see all of his results.


Praise for
Kailani Silk Puppies 

Desi is a fantastic little guy.  We thought no dog would live up to our border collie Jesse (he died 3 years ago), but now we are beginning to wonder.  It is amazing how smart he is and how he adapts to everything we do.  And of course it is a pleasure just to watch him play and hang out.  We thank you and your family everyday for your excellent care in the critical first weeks, and of course Kai and Lani for having such good genes!  Jerry says Desi should be a show dog because he gets so much attention with his unusual coloring and happy personality.

Hope you are having fun in the Caribbean.
Diane and Jerry

Ch Caribbean Dreambeat
of Kailani

Award of Merit
2010 National Specialty

Ch Caribbean Dreambeat
of Kailani
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Best of Breed
2011 SoCal Classic

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