CH Bella Dulce's Kalilinoe of Kailani


Kali runningKali is proof that good things come in small packages. At 9 ¼ inches and weighing just under 10 pounds, Kali is the smallest of the Kailani Silk Dogs, but there’s no doubt she has a big heart. Kali loves to give kisses, go for long walks and cuddle on a lap. She’s the perfect companion. She quickly wins everyone’s heart who meets her. Her nickname is Peanut, but if I had to choose one word to describe Kali, it would be ADORABLE!

KaiKaliKeyLargo Kali was born on May 30, 2012 near Washington, D.C. and she joined our family in the summer of 2012. Kali is short for Kalilinoe, the Hawaiian word for “gentle rain.” Kali arrived home in Key Largo, Florida while we were under a hurricane warning. We hoped that all we would get from the storm would be a gentle rain. That’s just what we got!

 Kali is a Black and Tan Irish Pied. This refers to her coloring. She is black with tan (actually more of a creamy white) points. This means that she has cream eyebrows, cream color on her lower legs and under her tail and on her cheeks. The Irish Pied refers to a specific pattern of white markings – 4 white feet, white on the tip of her tail, white tummy, white chest and a partial collar of white on her neck.

 Kali BowKali is a certified Havana Silk Dog and has earned both her Jr. Championship and her Championship. Kali has also earned her Intercontinental Championship from International Canine Kennel Club. At the 2015 National Specialty of the Havana Silk Dog Association of America (HSDAA) we were so pleased when Judge Fred Lanting said this about Kali, “I would be proud to have this girl in my breeding program.” High praise indeed!