The Vegas Puppies - Roo, Elvis, Mandy, Soleil and Bandit

  1Bandit 4Week 49331Roo 4Week 49811Elvis 4Week 4887

1Mandy 4Week 4996

1Soleil 4Week 4953

The Vegas Litter (Sadie x Dylan) is 4 weeks old

Vegas 4Week 4878

Adventure Box

Vegas AdvBox 4871EclipseLitter AdvBox 4873Shadow AdvBox 4874This is the puppies' Adventure Box! The box has all sorts of things hanging down that the puppies bump, push aside, bat at, play with, etc. But what the Adventure Box really does is introduce young puppies to the sights, sounds, touch and motion they will experience during their lives. They may think of it as more "toys" but its actually early stimulation for the pups. Right now the puppies have a variety of textures like the paint brushes, tennis balls, soft rubber balls, plastic cups, and hard rubber spatula. We'll add more things - metal cans that clang together when the puppies walk thru them, for example - as the puppies get older.


Corona Oct13 4858It was nail trimming day again. After her pedicure, Corona fell soundly asleep.

The Eclipse Litter is 3 Weeks Old!

1Terra 3Week 47551Shadow 3Weeks 47241Luna 3Week 48101Flare 3Week 48441Eclipse 47701Corona 3Week 4779

Morning playtime for the Vegas Litter

Vegas Play 4707

The Vegas Litter turned 3 weeks old yesterday. Look how they've grown!

1Soleil 3Week 46841Roo 3Week 46311Mandy 3Week 46021Elvis 3Week 47001Bandit 3Week 4564

Playtime for the Eclipse Litter

Eclipse Playing 4536

From innocence to trouble...they've found the door and Mama Sadie is on the other side.

Vegas Door 4532Vegas Door 4533

Keeping Warm

Vegas Pile 4526Until the puppies are about 3 weeks old, they are unable to regulate their internal body temperature. So they rely on their mom to keep them warm. They snuggle up to her - and under her until they disappear underneath her silky hair. When mom needs to step outside the whelping box to go outside or to eat, the puppies cuddle together to keep warm. Every morning we move the puppies outside the whelping box while we weigh each puppy and clean the box. This week, we added some play time outside the box. After playing, the puppies all cuddle together.

New Toy

Eclipse Toy 4521Vegas Toy 4524Now that the puppies' eyes are open, we add a brightly colored stuffed animal to their whelping box during the day. This is to stimulate them. They are still working on focusing their eyes, but they can see large, colored objects. The puppies love to check out each new toy we put in the box. Here's Eclipse, Luna and Shadow checking out the new duck. And in the other photo, Bandit has a wrestling match with the new orange character, while Soleil and Elvis decide they'd rather wrestle with each other.

Soleil getting some cuddle time.

Soleil Cuddle 4518

Kali's Eclipse Litter turned 2 weeks old today.

1Terra 2Week 44891Shadow 2Week 43651Luna 2Week 45091Flare 2Week 44221Eclipse 2Week 43911Corona 2Week 4408

Eyes are all open!

Corona Eyes 4340Corona, from Kali's Eclipse Litter, was the first puppy to open her eyes (on Sunday), so she has the honor of having her photo on the Blog/Facebook page. All of the other puppies soon had their eyes open, too. It will still take a couple of weeks for the eyes to really focus or be able to track.

Early Scent Introduction

Flare ESI Geranium 3910Early Scent Introduction (ESI) was developed by Gayle Watkins who spoke at the 2016 Havana Silk Dog National Specialty and will be back by popular demand this year. Gayle is the co-founder of Avidog, a breeder education forum. I’m proud to say that I’m a certified Avidog Associate Breeder. Avidog not only offers great resources for breeders, but also to new puppy owners. 
Here’s Flare who thought the geranium smelled wonderful!

Bandit and Mandy cuddling up with Mama Sadie

BanditSoleil 3908

SuperDog Corona

Corona SuperSupine 3653One of the exercises that each puppy does as part of the SuperDog program is to lie in the supine position (cupped in our two hands, on their back). Here's Corona on her back. She’s totally relaxed. It gives me a chance to check nose pigment on each of the puppies and to make sure that the umbilical cord has healed (it has).

Kali's Eclipse Litter

1EclipseLitter 1Week 3899

The Eclipse Litter is One Week Old!

1Eclipse 1Week 3762Eclipse









1Luna 1Week 3869Luna










1Corona 1Week 3798Corona











1Shadow 1Week 3845Shadow










1Terra 1Week 3881Terra











1Flare 1Week 3766Flare

Early Scent Introduction

Elvis ScentO 3645Along with doing our SuperDog exercises from Days 3-16, we also do Early Scent Introduction. Each day we present a new scent to each puppy. We vary the scents that we introduce using natural items such as the fresh sprig of rosemary shown here, to pungent herbs and spices (cinnamon, cloves) to fruits and veggies (lemon, green pepper, apple), etc. We hold the scented object in front of the puppy for about 5 seconds. The pup might move toward the smell (positive reaction) or turn his head away from it (negative reaction) or it may be just neutral about that particular scent.
Puppies cannot see or hear for their first couple of weeks of life, but they really use their sense of smell. This is a way of stimulating the neurological system, with this program focusing on stimulating the puppies’ sense of smell. Since dogs perceive the world mostly through their sense of smell, this is a great way to develop their brains. Just another way we try to give our Kailani Silks puppies the best start in life!
This is Elvis smelling the rosemary.

The Vegas Litter is One Week Old!

1Roo 1Week 3681Roo






1Bandit 1Week 3728Bandit










1Mandy 1Week 3654Mandy










1Elvis 1Week 3733Elvis








1Soleil 1Week 3698Soleil

Eclipse litter puppies nursing

Eclipse MilkBar 3650

Weighing the puppies

Roo Weigh 3639We weigh the puppies twice a day to make sure that they are gaining weight. Here's beautiful Roo who has gained nicely since her birthweight of 5.9 ounces . Nursing=growing!

Super Dog!

Soleil Tickle 3626When the puppies are three days old, we start them on the Super Dog program. This is a program developed by the U.S. Military. These early neurological stimulation exercises are done from days 3 to 16 of the puppies’ lives. By performing these series of 5 exercises for a few moments each day, we increase the pups ability to learn, perform, handle stress and remain healthy. The military's research showed that this early neurological stimulation has important and lasting effects. Here's Soleil getting her toes tickled with a Q-tip (tactical stimulation), one of the exercises that each puppy does as part of the SuperDog program.

Puppy Pedicure!

Mandy Nails 3619The puppies get their nails trimmed every 3-4 day so that they get used to this important grooming ritual. In addition, it's good for them to have their paws touched on a daily basis. And the moms really appreciates it. Having sharp claws digging into a dam’s belly when the puppies nurse is one of the most common reasons that dogs stop nursing their puppies early.This is Mandy getting her first pedicure!

Kali and Hopi's "Eclipse" litter.

Eclipse Day2 3614

Proud Mama Kali and her 6 puppies

Eclipse Day1 3610

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