CH Kailani's Hula Girl at Heart

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In a world that needs more dancing
She's a hula girl at heart

Kailani’s Hula Girl at Heart (Sadie) was born July 2, 2012. She is the daughter of our Lani (named the 2014 HSDAA Brood Bitch), and our Grand Champion Kai and she is our first bred-by puppy that we’ve kept. Sadie has inherited the best qualities of each of her parents. She is athletic and excels at agility. She is also calm, quiet and loves to cuddle. Sadie is a registered support dog for our special needs daughter and she has an amazing bond with her. She is so intuitive!

Sadie has the most beautiful face of any Havana Silk Dog I’ve seen. Couple this with her lovely structure, beautiful coat and easy going temperament and she really is quite the dog! Sadie is a beautiful cream, like her dad, Kai, and has hints of reddish gold in her coat. She weighs 11.0 pounds.

Sadie is always smiling, having fun and is just a very content dog!

Our daughter shows Sadie most of the time and they really enjoy their time in the ring together. Sadie earned her Junior Championship in Temecula, California in 2013 and her Championship in Tucson, Arizona in 2014. She won Best Opposite Sex at the Lakeland, Florida Show in 2015. She has also earned her Intercontinental Championship from International Canine Kennel Club. Sadie is a certified Havana Silk Dog.

Sadie is from the 2012 Kai and Lani “Chile Pepper” Litter. She was called Serrano Pepper. Sticking with the Kailani Silks’ Dogs Hawaiian names, Sadie’s registered name is Kailani’s Hula Girl at Heart, from a Jimmy Buffet Song. We like that the first two lines of the song have Kai (ocean) and Lani’s (sky) name in it.

She owns a window to the ocean
She has a pipeline to the sky
But earthly creatures rarely notice
When Guardian Angels pass them by

Like a gecko behind a painting
With hidden wisdom to impart
In a world that needs more dancing
She's a hula girl at heart

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